Auto-Stak for Door Slabs

Auto-Stak for Door Slabs

With unrivaled storage density, the Auto-Stak System for Door Slabs is the better way to store doors. Our system triples your storage and fits doors of any width, so you can handle a high volume of orders of any size. And with lift table compatibility, picking becomes a one-person job no matter the height.

Product Details +
  • Efficient end-loading system
  • Accompanying picking pallet automatically compresses for efficient loading
  • Compatible with warehouse order pickers for easy picking
  • Compact system allows standard forklifts and man-on-board order pickers to navigate narrow aisles
Applications +

The Auto-Stak System

Streamline your operations with our cutting-edge Auto-Stak system. This intelligent storage solution features an automatic end-loading system that utilizes rollers for the smooth transfer of materials from fork truck to rack.

With an accompanying motorized loader that fits securely on fork truck forks, it is the best system for picking and loading your customer’s orders. Our Auto-Stak systems can be seamlessly integrated into your existing buildings or installed as a new rack supported structure.
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Save Costs

Auto-Stak is the most cost-efficient storage system on the market. Our system ensures that your material will be protected from scrapes and scuffs to avoid the disposal of damaged material.


Reclaim your time with automated end-loading in less than one minute. Material is always up front and easy to reach, so you can display products and take inventory in ⅓ of the time. All Auto-Stak systems feature 3” beams for product labeling, making picking a breeze.


Auto-Stak uses less than half the space of traditional cantilever racking systems. And when you need more storage area, our catwalk and mezzanine systems increase your capacity without increasing their footprint.

Our Cantilever Systems

Krauter Auto-Stak’s cantilever racking systems stand out as the most popular and versatile storage solutions utilized in lumberyards today. Offering the flexibility of both single- and double-faced, our racking systems come in any color, size, or configuration imaginable.

Whether you prefer a free-standing setup or integration into a rack-supported building, our systems ensure that each project is uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs.
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